Job Descriptions

Day Mentors

Day Mentors will work with a group of girls as they move through each workshop. Their primary role will be to facilitate discussion.


Registration volunteers will assist with checking the girls in.

Workshop Presenter Assistant

Workshop Presenter Assistant will ensure that the Workshop Presenter has refreshments as needed, pass out materials, and ensure attendees complete surveys.


Photographer/Videographer will take pictures and/or video of attendees during the summit.

Set-up/Break Down

Assist with the setting up/break down in preparation for girls summit.


Emergency Contact Waiver

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We need Volunteers

Our Village of Donors

Terri Burke-Darling

Monique McCray-Jackson

Kimberly Peeples

Belinda Smith

Robin Pendleton

Irline Borgella

Danielle Mackay

Vernell Robinson

Courtney Kambobe

Cynthia Wilkes

Stacy Shugerman

Udora Pope

Vonda Carter,

Vonda's Balloon Boutique

Carmen Howard

Marilyn Ellington

Dalisa Bowens

Pamela Aiken

Anita Johnson

Patricia Coley

4th Annual Girls Teen Summit

Our Sponsors .

We are looking for adults 21 or older to volunteer the day of the event. Please complete the form if you're interested. 

Girls 13-18 registering for summit, click here>>

                      Our Presenters

Loris Gayle, Esq.  "Start Your Success Story"

Nefertiria Tousaint  "You're a Precious Pearl"

Yahalia Franklin  "Building Inner Strength"

Marcia Brown-Martin  "Take Me With You"

Nichola Madry, QKA, FLC  "Ballin' on a Budget"

Tammatha Proby  "All Things GPA"

Tammara Lewis  "ReSET Your Mindset"

Shaakira Hardy  " Film Canister Rockets and Human Computers"

Andrina Carter, Sewing  Instructor  "Sewing 101"